9 Tips Why You Shouldn’t Punish Your Children and What You Can Do Instead

When you get angry at your children for their misbehavior, the easiest way to “teach” them, is to use any kind of punishment — like sending them to their room, taking away their favorite toys, or even spanking them. Although it might seem to you that you’ve reached your goals and stopped bad behavior, psychologists believe that punishing only brings temporary results. Instead, they suggest using other effective ways of raising your kids that could help you in the long run.

We at blogBuzzing found out why you should never punish your children and how you can deal with them instead.

Why punishment is bad for you and your children:

1. It means that you’re overreacting.

Usually, you feel the urge to punish, when your child, consciously or unconsciously, hurts you with their actions. In this case, it’s very hard to stay calm, so you start striking back with your punishing methods in order to make them feel this pain too.

These outbursts of negative emotions affect both you and your child and may actually lead to some serious consequences, including physical injury.

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