5 Tips Why One Sibling Might Be Sure They Have a Toxic Parent While the Other Disagrees

Having a toxic parent can hurt someone in more ways than one. And it doesn’t just hurt them, but also their relationship with others. Not everyone is capable of recognizing an unhealthy family atmosphere and that’s why a lot of siblings don’t have the best relationships.

blogBuzzing would like to bring to your attention 5 signs that could indicate a toxic parent-child relationship and, hopefully, they will be able to help you better understand it.

1. Parents choose a favorite child.

The first and probably most obvious sign that makes some children, or even adults, think that their parents are toxic is when they treat one sibling differently than the other. It is so common that it even has an acronym — PDT, which stands for Parental Differential Treatment. In these cases, we might notice how the favorite child will have a certain vision of their mother — which is always positive, while the child that’s been ignored or has been shown less love, affection, etc. — will have a much different vision, that is almost always negative in differing degrees.

Signs of PDT are everywhere. In movies and TV shows, and, most likely, it’s even happened to some of us.

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