12 Ways We Can Avoid Being Tricked by Online Stores

With 1.8 billion people shopping online worldwide, there’s no wonder that retailers do their best to keep their customers happy. However, they haven’t forgotten about themselves and continue to encourage us to splurge on the things we sometimes don’t even need. And ingenious technique and the knowledge of human psychology help retailers successfully do this.

blogBuzzing has analyzed the marketing tricks that most online stores use and came up with a list of things you should look for to make the most of your money when shopping online.

1. Order delivery instead of picking up your order at the store.

12 Ways We Can Avoid Being Tricked by Online Stores

Sometimes it’s more convenient to pick up your order at the store yourself, rather than wait for the delivery, for retailers this is a great way to increase their sales. There’s a high possibility that a customer will grab more products when they’re already at the store. It could be some additional goods that they actually need, like a protective screen for their smartphone, or retail associates can lure them into purchasing completely different products.

One of the biggest retailers said that the way they get more revenue is when customers pick up their orders themselves: on average, they sell goods that cost $20-$25 in addition to the online order. Delivery is obviously the cheaper option.

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