12 Things Good Parents Do for Their Children

Although grown-up children often blame their parents for the problems in their adult life, psychologists reveal that that’s not the most healthy and productive approach. But parents still fear their parenting methods may actually be ruining their child’s future. Well, parenting is truly one of the most important jobs, but it’s not rocket science and there are simple things good parents do to keep their children happy.

blogBuzzing understands that every parent may need some reassurance from time to time so we came up with a list of things that good parents do to show that you’re moving in the right direction.

1. They give their children enough free time.

Many parents want their kids to succeed so much that they start to overschedule their day with extracurricular activities. While having your child attend piano lessons, math classes, soccer practice, and dance classes can be beneficial for their overall development, having too many things to do puts them under a lot of stressChildren are individuals, so they need to spend time on their own and just play. Depriving them of their free time causes them to feel overwhelmed and may cause emotional outbursts and problems with behavior.

2. They don’t try too hard to be the perfect parents.

Parenting can be hard and we should try to do our best to make our children happy. However, there’s a huge difference between “doing our best” and “being perfect.” When parents set impossible standards for themselves, they deprive their child of valuable experiences. This parenting style often lacks authenticity, since parents never express their real emotions and try to have everything under control. Parents feel guilty for not meeting impossible expectations and end up bringing frustration into the relationship they have with their child.

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